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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to install fire pit glass in an outdoor fire pit?
Once your gas fire pit has a fire ring or burner element  in place you simply fill any depth area beneath the fire ring with inexpensive "pea gravel" or similar crushed rock up to the base or bottom of the fire ring. Once this is complete you are ready to add your fire pit glass crystals over your fire ring which will cover it completely as well as the pea gravel filler beneath it. Once this is done you can smooth it out for a flat appearance or you can mound and shape up a pile to resemble a volcano of crystals for an extra dramatic effect.


Can any gas fireplace be switched over to glass?
To use Diamond Fire Glass crystals in a fireplace the unit must be a vented fireplace and should use a manual key valve to control gas going to the fireplace. For more information please visit the "fireplace compatibility" link on our self installation page.

Does fire pit glass actually produce heat?

Yes, Our fireplace glass product produces more heat than artificial log sets and lava rocks- The heat created is comparable to a real wood fire without leaving the mess of burnt ash and soot behind to clean up. In addition the glass does not pollute the environment like a wood fire which helps preserve our natural resources.


My fire pit is average size, how much fire pit glass product would it require for my fire pit?
Let me help, this is actually very simple to find out precisely how much fire pit glass product is required for your fire pit. You will need a tape measure and a calculator.

Measure the opening width of your fire pit, take note of measurement

Now measure the depth of the fire pit, measure from the front of the firebox to the back wall, take note of measurement. Get your calculator and multiply the width (inches) x depth (inches)

Divide total by 10

Total number represents how many lbs. Of fire pit glass product are required.

To calculate how much fire pit glass you need, click here >>


Does the fire pit glass product ever burn or fade?
When installed as directed on our installation link the glass will never melt, burn or discolor in a fireplace or fire pit that utilizes natural gas as it's fuel source under normal use. (Click here if you have propane)


Do I really need a custom burner pipe with this product?
No you do not, however we have designed double burner pipes that are custom to the size of your fire pit giving you a much more balanced flame. Also the double pipe creates a more natural look with two lines of fire working together vs. Just one line of fire which looks generic. Our double pipes produce twice the heat without increasing gas usage. The bottom line is with our double pipe you get more flame, more heat and more sparkle.


Is there any clean up or maintenance required?
Never! The glass does not create any soot, dirt or ashes ever, so even when you’re not using your fireplace the fireplace glass is still sparkling.


What colors are available in the fire pit glass and fireplace glass product?
From what started as only 6 basic colors available back in 2002 we have expanded our collection of fire pit glass over the last decade into over 50 color choice options that can virtually coordinate with any surround or decor.

Our full glass crystal collection includes: Clear Diamond Crystal, Clear Diamond Nugget, Jumbo Diamond Ice Rock, Alpine Crystal, Alpine Nugget, Jumbo Alpine Ice Rock, Pearl White Reflective, Bronze Crystal, Bronze Nugget, Bronze Reflective, Bronze Reflective Nugget, Midnight Black Crystal, Black Reflective, Platinum Reflective, Sapphire Blue Crystal, Blue Reflective, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Blue Reflective, Electric Blue, Electric Blue Nugget, Electric Blue Reflective Nugget, Bahama Blue Crystal, Bahama Blue Nugget, Emerald Green Crystal, Green Nugget, Green Reflective, Green Reflective Nugget, Forest Green Crystal, Forest Green Reflective, Gray Crystal, Gray Reflective, Gray Nugget, Auburn Crystal, Auburn Reflective, Copper Reflective, Copper Reflective Nugget, Turquoise Reflective, Gold Reflective, Gold Reflective Nugget, Legacy Premixed, Illustrious Premixed, Sapphire Garden Premixed, Emerald Bay Premixed, Gold Coast Premixed, Venetian Gold Premixed, Red Nectar Premixed, Copper Canyon Premixed, Crystal Cove Premixed, Gold Mine Premixed, and more...


I don’t know which color to choose?
Most of our clients choose three or more colors and mix them up to create a custom look. For example clear black and bronze ties in any wood tones or stone (especially granite) and has a subtle touch of gold. If you are looking for something a little brighter you may consider clear, a hint of black for contrast and sapphire blue, this is more of an ice jewel look. That is the beauty of having so many colors to choose from you can create something custom and unique to fit your style.


Do I have to mix the colors?
No, some people just want one solid color; we can accommodate custom orders of any size.


What is the reflective glass?
Our reflective fire pit glass is stunning. It simply has one reflective side (like a mirror) people love to accent or highlight with this. Not only does it look beautiful when the fire pit is lit but also when it is not as it reflects the natural light in the room, giving the fire pit an incredible sparkle even when not in use.

Diamond Fire Glass
Black Reflective Diamond Fire Glass
featured in a very unique fire pit.












Do I need a special burner when using propane?
Pan Burners are suggested for use with propane. A pan burner is strongly suggested when using propane to prevent the gas from sinking and collecting underneath the surface, this is a common hazard with propane since propane is a heavier gas then natural gas. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT- Not using a Pan Burner with Propane could cause an explosion in your fire pit. We also suggest using an LP Converter with propane as this will mix oxygen into the gas prior to burning which helps reduce the weight of the gas and burns cleaner reducing carbon build up. What is an LP Converter?


What is the difference between Fire Pit Glass Crystals and other brands?
Fire Pit Glass Crystals is known for High Quality and Great Service. First we start with the highest quality products available and a wide variety of Colors that you just wont find elsewhere. Our product is handcrafted in smaller batches than typical fire pit glass that is sold by competitors who mass produce overseas in larger quantities producing a less brilliant, scratched reflective surface that takes away from the reflective quality of the glass crystals. Our company has earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for excellence in Service and Customer Care over the last 10 years of doing business. Diamond Fire Pit Glass is a registered Trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our name is preferred and trusted by large corporate brands such as the Ritz Carlton, Disney World, Atlantis, Caesars Palace, Hard Rock Cafe and Many More high caliber companies and organizations including the Office of the President of the United States. Most recently we were selected by Esquire Magazine as "Best in Brand" and have partnered with them to supply Diamond Fire Pit Glass ® for the "Official 2010 Esquire House" in Los Angeles, CA.

We realize we are not the only company in the Fire Pit Glass industry which makes us constantly search for new ways to improve and innovate - If you would like to suggest a way we could better serve you please submit feedback on our Contact Us page. We value your opinion.


Hello, I love the look of the fire glass to replace my old gas logs but i'm wondering why the glass kits call for a vented fireplace, when my natural gas logs are running in a fireplace that is not vented? any info or advice would be appreciated, as i would like very much to swap out my logs for your glass?
Unfortunately the Diamond Fire Glass product is not suggested for use in non vented units due to the heat that is created from the glass crystals themselves. The heat created from our glass product is far greater than the heat that is created by ceramic log or concrete log alternatives. In addition typically logs that are used in a non vented system are specially made for that purpose and made of alternative materials that do not produce abundant heat.


We just bought a burner and 125 lbs. of fireglass from you and we are installing today. I noticed that you sell propane converters but is this really necessary? We have installed the pipe with heat resistant gas pipe tape and the flames look lovely the way it works now. Out propane tank is buried in the yard and runs several things in our home such as our stove, gas grill and now our fireplace. If we don’t install what are the consequences?
The LP converter is suggested so that the propane burns cleaner, this will prevent or minimize soot or ash from developing while burning. Also propane is a heavy gas which causes it to sink and hover beneath the surface which can cause the gas to build up, collect beneath the surface and flare up... using the lp converter reduces this effect as it mixes air into the gas so that the gas is lighter which causes the glass to rise instead of hover beneath the surface. We strongly suggest using an LP converter when using propane.




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